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Thermal AssessmentsThermal ImagingConsultation Report

Not sure if your insulation is doing what it’s supposed to? At EcoHome, we offer comprehensive and detailed home inspections. We can tell you exactly what your insulation is currently doing, whether it’s effective or installed correctly, and offer advice on the best course of action.

If you think your existing insulation might not be working as it should, or your utilities bill is higher than last year, a home inspection is a great idea. They’re a low investment way to know exactly what your home’s situation is, and whether you need to take action.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal cameras are our secret weapon. When it comes to properly inspecting your insulation, they’re non-negotiable. With them, you can see in real time where heat is escaping or entering from, and get a definitive answer on whether your insulation needs replacing.

With our cameras, we can show you exactly where your insulation has failed, or if there are any gaps in it. They’ll also reveal where you might want to consider draught proofing around windows, doors or other external fittings - and answer once and for all if your walls are insulated.

Thermal cameras are our secret weapon. When it comes to properly inspecting your insulation, they’re non-negotiable. With them, you can see in real time where heat is escaping or entering from, and get a definitive answer on whether your insulation needs replacing.

Insulation RemovalsCeiling VacuumRubbish Removal

Need your existing insulation removed, and don’t want to do it yourself? We can’t say we blame you! Removing old insulation is a dirty, dusty and risky job. But, it’s got to be done, and it’s got to be done right. Australian homes are often poorly built, and the dust and old fibrous insulation finds its way into your home via your downlights, ceiling vents and any other small gaps in the ceiling.

Whether you’re having other building works carried out or intend to upgrade the insulation for your home we’re here to help you get the old material removed.

Nothing left behind

When it comes to removing insulation, we’re thorough-for new insulation to perform most effectively, it's important the old insulation is completely and thoroughly removed. We don’t just rip out the majority of the batts and leave you to clean up the dust, debris and left-over material. We remove everything that isn’t supposed to be in your ceiling, wall or underfloor space and leave you with a perfectly clean slate. Removal, disposal and everything in between - it’s all included.

Old insulation, be it batts or loose fluff (blown-in), together with the dust that collects in a roof space, can result in some pretty hazardous environment. Not only is it potentially dangerous to your family’s health but can be a major irritant for families susceptible to allergies. This potent combination of airborne contaminants can find its way into your home through cracks in the ceiling, around light fixtures and through vents.

At EcoHome, we take dust seriously, and use high-grade vacuums with certified HEPA filters to ensure the dust doesn’t escape to the environment, or into your home.

Navigating roof cavities can be notoriously hazardous. A foot in the wrong place can go straight through the delicate ceiling, resulting in a hefty repair bill at best and serious injury at worst. Add to that the often maze-like cavity itself with low headroom, joists everywhere and with narrow beams as the only place to stand, and you really are better off getting someone else in!

We’re not only experienced, trained professionals that have done many insulation removals before, but we’re fully insured and completely covered. If we do accidentally damage your home when removing insulation, we’ll cover all repair costs and leave it better than we found it.

Just let us know when you’re ready to get started by filling out the form to arrange a call back. We pride ourselves on being one of the quickest in the industry to get back to you, and will be out to your home as soon as we can. Let’s get that old insulation gone.

Insulation InstallationCeilingUnderfloor and Walls

Ready to make your home more comfortable than ever? Great insulation truly makes all the difference - when installed correctly it can save you hundreds of dollars a year and make your home a more enjoyable place to be all year round. At EcoHome, we take real pride in our installation service - we treat every home we work on like it’s our own.

About Insulation Installation

The most vital area of your home to insulate is the ceiling cavity. It’s through here that you can see gains of 45% cooling and heating efficiency, saving you money, and modulating the temperature inside your home so it’s more comfortable more often. A well-insulated ceiling often means you don’t need to run any heating or cooling except in extreme weather, resulting in a house that’s naturally just right.

Unfortunately, ceiling insulation installation means tight spaces and often carries a high risk of damage. Our installers are not only experienced professionals unlikely to cause damage, but we’re also fully insured and will have any damage to the ceiling or roof caused during works professionally repaired. Occasionally, installing insulation in a ceiling by going through the roof tiles can result in leaks. While this is very rare for our install jobs, if it does happen we’ll not only have the roof professionally repaired, but replace any damaged or compromised insulation.

The best time to insulate your walls is when the house is being built, but before the plasterboard goes up. It should be done with high quality, long lasting batts for maximum performance and the greatest lifespan. The truth is, this is often overlooked and results in older homes with poor
thermal and acoustic barriers between rooms.

Retrofitting Wall Insulation
If you want the most ideally insulated home, we can remove the plasterboard and install the ideal batts, before having professional plasterers refinish the wall. While this is the most effective form of wall insulation, it can be very costly to do right.

Alternatively, we can also utilise blown-in insulation to fill the wall space from the top through the roof, or through small small holes in the brick render, weatherboard or internal plaster board (that are easily patched up after). This method of insulation is a much cheaper and still highly effective way of retrofitting wall insulation, and is generally a much better option. Blown-in insulation causes minimal external markings on walls, and delivers maximum thermal and acoustic benefits. If you’d like to know more about how best to retrofit wall insulation in your home, get in touch
today - we’d love to help.

Underfloor insulation is often overlooked, but is absolutely essential for a well insulated home. Poor underfloor insulation, or none at all, could be costing you more than 25% of your home’s efficiency. Great underfloor insulation won’t just save you money and make you more comfortable, but can greatly reduce the noise in your home too.

It’s commonly thought that all cold draughts are blown-in under doors leading outside, but the reality is many cold draughts are creeping into your home through gaps in the floorboards. With a professionally insulated underfloor, not only will your home be warmer in winter, but free from draughts as well.

If you’d like to organise a quote, a home inspection or find out how soon we can get new insulation installed in your home, please request a call back with our quick and easy form.

Draught ProofingWindow + Door SealingDownlight + Fan CoversDraught Reduction

In many older homes, the spaces around your doors, windows and other external fittings are rarely as air tight as they should be, and your home’s comfort level suffers as a result. We can hardly offer industry leading insulation installation without also offering best-in-class draught proofing, for the final piece in making your home as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Weather proof doors and windows

Even brand new houses often have small gaps around windows and doors, and generally the older the house the bigger the gap. Beautiful, historical houses a hundred years old often have a gap beneath the doors to match the age! These gaps are often caused by houses shifting and settling over time, and it’s completely normal. If getting highly skilled carpenters out to refit your Melbourne home’s doors and windows isn’t the solution you’re looking for, then weather stripping is. Say goodbye to cold draughts in winter, cranking the heater and not getting anywhere.

The most common place people think of when considering draughts and draught proofing, are the gaps around doors and windows. But in truth, gaps in your ceiling are one of the biggest places to lose heat through. Ventilation units, light fixtures, ceiling fans and more can all be costing you money in both winter and summer, and making your house uncomfortable.

In many older homes, vents through the exterior walls are common. A relic from when internal fireplaces were much more common and smoke extraction less advanced, these vents were used to distribute heat between the house and can be safely blocked off. This simple undertaking can see great improvements in the heating efficiency of your home.

More than just the experts in everything insulation, at EcoHome we bring the same level of professionalism and high standards of workmanship to everything we do - including draught proofing your home.

Give us a call today, and we’ll happily conduct a thorough inspection and advise you of the best options to make your home more comfortable.

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